Piers Partridge
Vocals, Guitar, Dobro, Ukelele, Charango,
Banjo, Tin Whistle, Mbira. Chief bottle washer and cook for the Band, the Pindrop is Piers' idea and wish come true. He writes music for Film and TV, Steve Irwin being his best known Client.

Jake Morrison
fresh from his Music Degree at Leeds Uni, Jake comes to the Band as a multi instrumentalist with a finetouch in guitar, uke, manoldin, banjo and harmonium. you'll find him stoling up the fires in the Pindrop engine room in a solid but unassuming way. A great find.

Wendy Partridge

Our very own Rock & Roll chick, Wendy travelled the world with Shriekback alongside Inxs before settling in Long Ashton. A true Pro. If she could just get her driving license sorted.


Double Bass. Spotted by Henry over a year ago playing next to some railings in Fishponds. In her other life Lizzie can be found making candles, stained glass, pottery and other crafty thangs. And amazingly she lives local to Wraxall which seems like a blessing indeed. Great feels, great musicality.

Martin Solomon
Fiddle, Guitar, accordion, Ukulele, Tin Whistle, SitarOud, Tambouras. Martin plays almost every thing and plays it frighteningly well. He's been threatening to learn banjo and show Piers how it should be done. He does, however, drive a Maestro.
Fiona Andrews
Vocals. Put together the first ever Pindrop with Piers and has been singing ever since. Has a clarity and accuracy in her singing that can peel the skin off a lime. Fi is married to Piers and steadfastly refuses to take the Partridge surname. So she is related.

Gail Mason

Gail is the most recent addition to the Pindrop Band and brings a special English flavour to the rich mix of vocalists. A printmaker by trade, she also plays Fiddle and percussion and likes posh frocks.

Imilia Lucas

Great songwriter, and a lead vocalist whose style reminds of of times gone by - New Orleans, old smoeky bluies bars. Always comes alive on stage and very quickly takne into the hearts ofd the Pindrop Club audiences.