last updated May 10th 2015


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This will be a One Mic Stand, anyone can come (there is no such thing as a Member for this "Club"!). One mic means its never too loud and the music will be at its best in this cosy little space. Should be a great evening with a bunch of new songs and some of our favourite guests.



"To go to a Pindrop concert is to set out on an adventure through an ever-changing acoustic landscape of eccentric instruments and songs. This 9-piece Bristol collective cut their own cloth, write their own songs and, more unusually, make many of their own instruments. Expect to hear the “Tinklele” (tin ukulele), “Tinvolin” (tin violin), tin guitar, bizarre percussion, Celtic harp, string bass, dobro, slide guitar, accordion, autoharp and tin whistle, as well as beautiful multilayered harmonies. These are serious musicians, but they never fail to send their audiences home with a smile on their faces and a skip in their step."
 (Tobacco Factory Website)

Meanwhile we've been making music around the kitchen table. Here's a track we'll be playing on Oct 8th called "Belleville", Wendy Hesse on Vocals, Martin gypsy violin.



Horse with no Name


"Si Bheag, Si Mhor" by Carolan